About Leola

Leola Adams, M.A.

Leola has an M.A. in Counseling Psychology and has an extensive background in mental health services. Although passionate about her work, she knew that something was missing from her practice. In exploring her deep roots and spiritual calling, she discovered that what was missing for her was being with and working with animals. Long aware of the profound and sacred relationship that exists between animals and humans, Leola set about on a course of exploration to learn how she could bring humans and nonhumans together for the purpose of mutual reciprocity, well-being and healing.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Elliot the cat

It was during intensive workshop training with horses that Leola first became aware of interspecies communication. Opening her heart to the compassionate way of the horse, she was gifted with being able to receive communications from these magnificent beings. Doubting what she was “hearing”, she had an amazing, life altering experience when she learned that the communications from the horses contained specific, relevant information about “healing the heart” of the particular human that was, at that moment, working with the horse.

                                                            tropical fish

At this same workshop, Leola (who is also a professional vocalist) was requested to facilitate a healing session for a horse by singing for the horse. This experience was video taped by the workshop facilitators. Fifteen workshop participants also witnessed the session. All in attendance stated that they experienced a profound sense of healing and sacredness. At the end of the singing session, the horse approached Leola in what is known as “join up” and stayed with her for the afternoon. Follow-up reports indicate that the horse is calmer, more trusting and relaxed, and more social with humans.


Since that time, Leola has been communicating with animals. She considers herself to be a life long learner and has been a student of Dr. Jeri Ryan. She assists in numerous organizations that work on behalf of the well-being of animals, humanity, ecology and environment.


“Maggie (the lone elephant at the Alaska Zoo), was suffering from loneliness, boredom and despair when she called out to Leola during an animal communication session. Leola set Maggie’s cry for help to music and recorded ‘Maggie’s Song-Walls of Stone’. A video by Brian George Smith was created to accompany Maggie’s plea. This video was instrumental in educating people that Maggie’s relocation to a suitable environment with other elephants was imperative. Maggie was finally released from the Alaska Zoo. She was able to endure her long trip to PAWS animal sanctuary in California amazing well thanks to Leola’s continued assurance through the use of animal communication/telepathy. Maggie is now a happy elephant living with other elephants with room to roam.”


Click here to watch the video for “Maggie’s Song - Walls of Stone”